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22nd-26th July 2019

Free event

A week of theatre fun for all the family.

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... a project for the whole of Todmorden, bringing all our communities together to create live theatre.

With funding from Todmorden Town Council, Community Foundation for Calderdale and Todmorden Ward Forum, this event was made by and for all Todmordians!

This is where we worked and performed.

Venue / Date / Time / Map

Mon 22nd July

Cornholme, next to Vale Baptist Church, OL14 8PJ


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Tues 23rd July

Centre Vale Park (John Fielden statue) OL14 7DF


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Wed 24th July

The Playground

Dineley Avenue, Todmorden, OL14 5PA 


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Thurs 25th July

Walsden Recreation Ground, Scott Street, OL14 7TQ 


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Fri 25th July - The Performances!

A tour of all four venues used throughout the week. A performance at each site!

Transport can be provided if organised with us in advance. 

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Meet in Cornholme at the first venue (next to the Baptist Church) at 10.30am. From there we will visit each venue in turn.

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